Sunday, November 8, 2015

Denver Arts Week 2015 - Best Bets

Denver Arts Week is a celebration of all things art and is currently in full swing. From November 6th through November 14th, patrons of the arts can find all sorts of events that are deeply discounted or free. Arts week encompases pretty much all the creative fields - 2D and 3D arts, dance, music, comedy, and performance. Below are a few of my favorites, but for the full list visit the Denver Arts Week event page.

Denver Arts Week

Nov 8th 

Colorado Convention Center Public Art Tour
Cost: FREE 
Starts 1:00pm 

*Many years ago when I was in art school, I took a class on Art Industry. While in this class, I had the privilege of being able to tour many of the public art installations including the art installed at the
Convention Center. This was one of the more fascinating art tours that will leave you with an appreciation of much more than the Blue Bear. 

Denver Veterans Day Parade and Festival 
Cost: Free  
10:00am - 3:00pm 

$52.80 for Two Tickets to Rachmaninoff Symphony No. 3
Cost: $52.80; original price $134.00 - Use Code: ARTS2015 when purchasing a pair of tickets 

Best of Santa Fe Exhibit and Awards 
Cost: Free 
10am - 6pm

Nov 9th 

Art Tour of the Byers- Evans House Museum 
Cost: $6 
Starts at 12pm 

Denver Museum of Natura and Science Free Day 
Cost: Free
9am - 5pm

Improve Hootenanny 2 for 1 Improv Tickets 
Cost: $5; original price $10 (Redeem offer at the door, through Nov 10th) 
Starts at 7:30pm 

Nov 10th 

Faculty Tuesday: Cabaret Songs 
Cost: Free 
Starts 7:30 pm

St John's Cathedral Music at Noon - Brian Hanly; Violin and Willian David; Piano
Cost: Free 
Starts 12pm 

5280 Take - Off at Wings Over the Rockies - (Nov 6th-12th)
Cost: $5.82 per person; original price $11 pp
Mon-Sat 10-5, Sun 12-5

Nov 11th 

Like the show Face Off - Check out this event! 
Denver Film Festival: Creative Conversations: A Master of Movie Magic 
Cost: $15-$17
Starts 7pm 

Hot off the Press - Printmaking Demo 
Cost: Free 

Visiting Artist Series: Ian Bogost - Ironoia: The Mistrust of Things 
Cost: Free - Seating is Limited, RSVP via link
Starts 6:30pm

Nov 12th 

Colorado: Why are we Here - Free Lecture 
Cost: Free 
Starts 6:15pm 

Mixing Your Media 
Cost: Free 
12- 9pm 

Frontier Religion in Early Colorado 
Cost: $10-$15

Nov 13th 

A Mile High Ode to Star Wars Toys: Sneak Peak with the Curator 
Cost: $15

Beatles to Bach III with Skanson & Hansen 
Cost: $10-$15
Starts 7pm 

Christo Artist Talk 
Cost: $15
Starts 7pm 

Nov 14th 

40 West Creative Arts Sampler - mini workshops 
Cost: Frees 

RiNo Artists and Models Ball 
Cost: $25

Symphony at the Movies: Back to the Future 
Cost: $34-$94


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ja Ja Bistro - NEW OWNERS, How's the experience? Patio Brunch of Bloody Marys and Omelettes

Ja Ja is a french term for every day wine or house wine. If you are interested in enjoying your ja ja wine in a cottage/ patio atmosphere JaJa Bistro in Littleton might be the place for you. JaJa Bistro first showed up on my radar, while reading the positive reviews posted on A-List Denver. It wasn't at the top of the list, but there were enough good things said about it that my curiosity was piqued.

My review is based on a single visit this past weekend. I had tried to visit one prior time, but it was on a Sunday and the previous owners had JaJa closed on Sundays. From what I understand, the current owners purchased JaJa earlier this year (2015) and they are now open the full weekend.

The cute bungalow had a few tables inside and beautiful patio seating outside. For myself and my companion, we elected to sit outside for our visit to the partially full restaurant. The meal started with a bread basket of delicious flaky croissants and a drink order of a diet Coke and a Bloody Mary. We waited and waited... and waited. Service was SLOW... I'm not sure if the issue was that we were outside, they were short staffed, or if I just have a quicker expectation of how long drinks and food should take to be turned around. My bloody mary took 15-20 mins to get to the table and food came about 40 mins later. The flavor was great on the bloody and I liked the pickled pepper, but it should be noted that it is a relatively small bloody - looked to be around 8 oz.

The entree was served 45+ minutes after ordering (also note, the restaurant was not full). I ordered a ham and brie omelette which came with a side of bacon, baguette, and pan fried potatoes. Again the flavor was good and I enjoyed the omelette, but Denver has some pretty stiff competition when it comes to brunch. For the wait, it wasn't any better than many of the other omelettes that I have had in Denver. The omelette was comparatively small (see photo) and some of my potatoes were oxidized, which is probably fine to eat but didn't look too appetizing. 

I would possibly consider giving this restaurant a second chance since the flavor was good and I enjoyed the quiet outside table, but I really have a hard time with the amount of time that it took to turn out a pretty simple dish. To further compound the experience. The waitress, while friendly, didn't offer any explanation of the length of time, didn't offer more bread while we waited, and let our drinks run out without refilling (including the water). That being said, I can forgive many things, such as small portion sizes and oxidized potatoes, when exceptional service is provided. Obviously many people have liked this restaurant and maybe have different menu recommendations that would improve the overall experience. If you do have another opinion or suggestions for others visiting, please share in the comments below.   

Friday, September 4, 2015

Drive Smarter Colorado

A More Comfortable and Safer Way to Drive 

Earlier this month, Denver drivers who attended the Car-Fit program, learned how they could improve the comfort of their drive and improve safety during travels. The AAA created program was hosted by the Colorado Department of Transportation. The program's goal is to improve safety through teaching drivers how to better fit their cars through the adjustment of mirrors, seat-belts, seat location, and steering wheel. If you missed the last event the next one will be coming around 10/17/15. 

October 17, 2015, 9 AM- 12 Noon
Reservation Phone Number:720-849-1738  
2015 Senior Law Day, Denver Mart - 
451 E. 58th Ave
Denver, CO 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

5 iPod Deals and Gadgets that you didn't know that you needed

While researching for a portable speaker for my iPod on Groupon, I stumbled across a really good collection of  iPods, accessories, speakers, and chargers. There are a ton of great deals to be found and here are 5 that really jumped out to me as good deals worth buying.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB - 64GB $119.99-$299.99

Check this out - with this deal, you can purchase 3rd -5th generation NEW iPods for significantly less than current retails. Granted, with some hunting, you could also find refurbished models for half the cost ... but twice the risk. 


Apple iPod Touch; 8GB–64GB and 2nd–5th Generation Models from $119.99–$299.99

$39.99 for Gator Sound Waterproof Shower Speaker 

The Gator has received 4/5 rating, which is pretty good for this type of product. Users report that it is easy to set up and has great clear sound. 

Gator Sound Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker/Speakerphone

$12.99 for Portable Battery with a Carabiner

Personally I think that these Battery packs are kind of cute. There are several colors that you can select from and it fits on your key chain. 

iHome Power Clip 2,600mAh or 5,200 mAh Portable Battery with Carabiner

$149.99 for iPod/ iPhone Dock with Internet Radio 

You might be wondering why I included the Revo dock in my list since it is a higher price point. Here is why - in addition to playing any downloaded content and your i- whatever, you can stream 11,000+ internet radio stations. Check out the full specs on the link below.  

Revo Internet/FM Radio Player and iPod/iPhone Dock

$6.98 for Cute iPhone Case 

GMYLE 2 in 1 Case - PU Leather Detachable Hard Back & Wallet Case Cover For iPod touch 5th Generation

Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Denver Zoo Welcomes New - LEGO Animals!

The Denver Zoo is about to get some new guests - 

An award winning traveling Lego exhibit that will include 35+ life sized (in some cases, larger than) Lego sculptures, will be visiting the Denver Zoo. “Nature Connects, Art with LEGO® Bricks,” by Sean Kenney will be on display from August 7th to November 1st.

Be prepared to see a 400lb bee and a hummingbird with an 8' wingspan. As this exhibit will overlap Halloween, you can be sure to also see some Lego bats and spiders too.

Also to add more interest the Denver Zoo is also running a contest through August 31st, to see how many Legos were used to make Leo the Lion. Prizes vary depending on whether you are a Zoo Member or not.

Zoo Members can win:
  • Renewal of your Zoo membership for another year, for free OR give it as a gift to someone else
  • Four behind-the-scenes tours of his or her choice.
  • Four Glow Lights packages to this year’s Zoo Lights, Presented by Your Neighborhood Toyota Stores
Non-Zoo Members can win:
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of Benson Predator Ridge
Enter online ( or at the zoo. 

  • Leo the LEGO® Lion Contest 
  • Guess how many LEGO® bricks were used to make Leo, a lion sculpture at the Zoo! 
  • The person with the closest guess, without going over, wins. To see what the prizes are, 
  • visit Denver Zoo's website: 
  • The contest is running until August 31.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Dear Denver, I love you, but you're bringing me down...

The relationship that I have with my city is as varied as tumultuous thunder, a silent snow, and the warm sun as my toes pull at grass in the park. On any given day, I meet new people and experience growing subcultures in food, art, music, and even sports.

As a person dedicated to experiencing the city and its branches, I have yet to discover or even fully understand the seduction of Denver. Sounds weird to say out loud, but it's important to understand that what our city is right now, it will never be again. There is a constant and rapid evolution that has swarmed the 303. Landmarks are torn down; new structures are built. Original Elitch Gardens is all but gone, while the Cyclone and Chipmunk at Lakeside are held together with paint. Urban legends are created and ghost stories are told in our old houses and diagonal streets.

In the last decade Denver grew by over 100,000 people and now it's estimated that it will grow by another 40k per year. I am native to Colorado and I am happy to share my 300 days of sunshine, mixed with snow. As the city continues to balloon, it daily becomes more expensive to stay. It's somewhat ironic that the artists, musicians, and performers that have made Denver the creative mecca that I know and love, are financially being pushed out of the city that they helped to create. Rent in desirable areas has doubled, painfully so, for most. 

The bright stars in this, though, are the creative entrepreneurs that saw gold and started digging. I don't mean this in the greedy sense, but as one once in a desert and having now discovered a well.

I understand that this kind of change is happening all over the United States. I'm not concerned with the changing tapestry of Denver in that I know new things are being created. I am excited for what is yet to come. I may be temporarily be saddened, but like summer gives way to fall, I know that spring is just around the corner.

In the meantime, Denver is still the place where you can see a good show by a band you have never heard of and have the most amazing night. It's still the place where the DJs will have a conversation with you about landscaping, pizza, and zombies. It's still the place where artists are king for at least one day a month. And it's still a place where you can find great food and green chili and beer are acceptable at almost any meal. 

I still love you Denver.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

R2-D2 in Love and Get You Dr Who Fix

Artoo in Love 

Spring is in the air and with that young love ... or maybe I should say robot love. I came across a super cute video of R2-D2 in love, or so he thinks. Check it out.

Dr Who - ville

The last Dr. Who episode had ended on Netflix ... or Hulu (can't seem to keep straight what I watch on what). Awaiting for new episodes, I have become nostalgic for Whovian items, and Dr Who in general. The BBC site actually has quite a few items that are pretty neat - such as Dalek and Tardis Salt-n-Pepper shakers ... I think I need those in my life ;) 

Your One-Stop Shop for Doctor Who!

Cool New Furniture Modos with a Kickstarter 

One of my favorite things about the internet, is that information and new ideas can travel fast! The beauty of this is that when someone comes up with a great idea, the word is able to get out there. Modos is one of those products/ companies. Modos is like Legos for adults. It's a tool free system of boards and connectors that you can use to make stools, end tables, shelving, desks - really whatever you want to come up with. Watch the video below for more info.