Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Mayan Theater - Take in a Piece of Denver History and a Movie Too!

The Mayan Theater on South Broadway has been a Denver landmark for me as long as I can remember and it is probably one of the more sought out historical landmarks of the area.The timeless Mayan prince starring down on pedestrians, cars and even at one point, trolleys has seen a lot since 1930. The Mayan has been around 80+ years, but it's steadfastness wasn't always so secure as it is today. In 1984 the theatre had been declared a blight to the neighborhood and was slated to be torn down. Luckily a group called, 'Friends of the Mayan', petitioned to have the theatre saved and have it granted historical status. With close to 2 million in renovations the theater changed hands a few more times, eventually becoming part of the Landmark family of theaters. Which personally I am grateful for, due to The Landmark's carefully curated selection of films. The Mayan is one of a few theaters left in the country in the Art Deco Mayan Revival Style. The interior of the theater continues the theme.

The Mayan Theater only has three screens; one large one downstairs and two smaller theaters upstairs. The snack bar, in addition to popcorn and other movie snake fare, also has beer and wine that you can take into the theater. The programming at the Theater is almost exclusively independent and foreign titles. This is actually a great reason to visit, because you get to watch unique films in a one-of-a-kind theater.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

For Love of Annie's Cafe - Denver Favorite

Hanging out in the lobby of Annie's Cafe,  I briefly wait for the hostess to say goodbye to a few regulars. I see a display case showing candy favorites from my childhood - Saltwater taffy, chocolate malt balls and gummy worms. The hostess has wrapped up with her customers and  is now leading me and my friends back to a wooden slat booth, reminiscent of a park bench (sounds uncomfortable, but really isn't). The decor is whimsical and retro with classic metal lunch boxes stringed across the restaurant and the TVs are playing The Wizard of OZ.

Sitting with the likes of Knight Rider and Pac Man, I can't help but wonder why more people don't know about the place. By people, I mean people that I know. Specifically, I was at The Bluebird Theater (a block away) and I mentioned that I wanted to go to Annie's, to a group of friends, for some green chili fries and they had no idea... this annoys me slightly, but only to the point I take my unsuspecting friend for an amazing spiked milkshake. I am a Denver native, but have only learned of this local treasure a couple of years ago and they have been in business since 1981. This amazes me because the service, food and atmosphere are great! Annie's is a diner, specializing in REALLY good comfort dishes and spins on the classics. For example, they have all the traditional omelettes, but then they also have a  Mac n' Cheese Omelette.

Originally drawn in by promises of pie, I have since discovered so much more than pie. Some of my favorites include:

  •  The House Green Chile - I like smothered on fries with cheese OR as a side with the house made chips. You can get the chips smothered, but I like them crunchy. 
  • The Hopscotch - Delicious on a cold day... it's hard to go wrong with hot chocolate and butterscotch schnapps.
  • Fried Pickes - Yummmmm!
  • Pie - Pick any one; they are all delicious. 
The Deal - Annie's Cafe and Bar has Happy Hour every day from 3-6 and has nightly food specials Wednesday - Sunday 

Annie's Cafe and Bar
3100 E. Colfax ave
M-F 7am-10pm, Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am - 8pm 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lose Twice as Much Weight - Fitness Trackers Keep you on Track

I'm a big fan of information. The more informed that I have, the better able I am to make informed decisions. The same is true for diet and exercise. In fact if you are trying to lose weight, tracking what you eat can double the amount of weight that you lose. Kaiser put on a 20 week study of both men and women; 1,600+ participants. The entire group was on a reduced calorie diet, however some people tracked what they ate while others did not. The surprise result of the study was that the people who tracked what they ate lost twice as much as those who didn't keep track of what they ate. Read more about this study here.

Successful programs such as Weight Watchers are founded on the principle of tracking. The good news is that you don't need to join a program with monthly membership dues to take full advantage of  the benefits of tracking. Personally I have journaled, tracked points, and worn a pedometer, but my favorite trackers thus far have been the app plus wearable tracker combo. The major players in this category are Fitbit, Jawbone UP, and Nike Fuel. I have not used Fitbit or Fuel, but I can speak to the Jawbone UP.

The Jawbone Up system is the tracker system that I have been using the past two years. It does a lot of things, but the short version is that it has the ability to track both calories expended through activity, calories eaten, and your sleep cycle. My favorite feature is that you can set it to vibrate if you have been idle for certain periods of time. Also you can give it a window for when you want to wake up. Then when you are in a lighter sleep cycle it vibrates to wake you up.

Why am I posting this on The Denver Deal? Because I use my UP every day and I paid around $130 for mine. Browsing the deals today, I came accross the exact version that I use and it's on sale through Groupon for $49.99 ...what! The next lowest cost I could find for this is at Best Buy for $65.

Groupon - Jawbone UP $49.99

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Phish Fans - Free Live Streaming Event! 11/2/14 - 1up Colfax

Phish Fans - Free Live Streaming Viewing Party! 11/2/14

Phish will be playing the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on November 2nd. Can't make it to Vegas? Not to worry, 1 Up Colfax is having a FREE viewing party starting at 8:30pm, Sunday 11/2. The live stream event will be shown on 1up's big screen. Invite your Phish friends, play some games and have a good time! 

The 1up - Colfax
717 East Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO, 80203


Monday, October 13, 2014

Best Concert Bets 10/13 -10/19, Big Freedia, Lakes, Skrillex, Sondre Lerche, Love Inks, Bonobo, Covenhoven, and Delta Spirit

October Shows That you will Want to See 10/13 - 10/19

The music picks this week range from New Orleans 'bouncing' to Americana and a bunch of stuff in-between. Ticket prices for these events are from $8 and up.

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Big Freedia - $25+ 
Kitty Crimes 

3117 E. Colfax Ave

Big Freedia

Wednesday 15 October 2014

Lakes - $8
Anthony Ruptak, and The Query 

3602 E. Colfax


Skrillex - $40+ 
Nadastorm, and Alesia

Balch Fieldhouse
CU Boulder

Purchase Event Tickets

Sondre Lerche - $21+

3117 E. Colfax Ave

Sondre Lerche

Thursday 16 October 2014

Love Inks - $10 
Church Fire 

3131 Walnut Room, 

Friday 17 October 2014

Bonobo (DJ set) - $23+ 
Jeremy Sole

935 E. Colfax ave 

Purchase Event Tickets Bonobo

Covenhoven - $10 
Josh Dillard

3131 Walnut Room, 

Purchase Tickets for Covenhoven

Saturday 18 October 2014

Delta Spirit - $18

1128 13th St 

Delta Spirit

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hoodie Season is Here! 6 Fun Hoodies

We are now reaching a point in fall, where layers are pretty much required. I have a thing for well designed t-shirts that carries over well to hoodies. I have been browsing and thought I would share a few sweatshirts that I am thinking about getting myself. I have included both national and local designs... Any votes?

Threadless Hoodie - I Met a Robot - $49

Threadless Hoodie - Across The Street - $24.95

Threadless | Tees, hoodies, and more designed by amazing artists from all over the world.

Alternate Decision Clothing - $50

6 Dollar - Adventure Time Lord 1977 - $18.95
Adventure Time Lord 1977 Hoodie 

Funny T-Shirts Only $6 You will never find another deal like this. Any 10 for only $50!

Etsy - High Low Dress Hoodie - $99
Dress / High Low Dress / Low High Dress / Hoodies for Women /Hoodies  / Grey Dress / Lace Up Dress / Casual Dresses 

Etsy - Colorado BEERfection - $41.99

Colorado BEERfection! Show your love for beer and Colorado with a rad HOODIE! "Beer Was Invented in the Old World but Perfected in Colorado"